Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for all services.    In addition, due to the constraints on medical workforce in the practice we have reduced the number of  additional services that we can provide where a suitable alternative is available.  See list below for statement of fees.

How long does it take for a GP to complete private work?

Our GP’s are busy providing medical services to patients under the NHS contract. Private work is undertaken outside of or in addition to NHS time, which may be scarce for personal or professional reasons. We will try our hardest to turn around private work as efficiently as possible, but we cannot guarantee the work will always be done as rapidly as a patient hopes.

I only need the doctor’s signature – what is the problem?

When a doctor signs a certificate or completes a report it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true.

In order to complete even the simplest of forms therefore, the doctor might have to check the patient’s entire medical record. Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the doctor with the General Medical Council (the doctors’ regulatory body) or even the police.

Private Fees

Wigton Group Medical Practice

Statement of Costs April 2024


The services detailed in the table below are NOT funded by the NHS and therefore have an associated cost.


Non-NHS serviceFee
Driver licensing

·         GP series 2

·         GP examination

·         Blood test




As advised by Lab

Certificates, forms and reports

·         Armed Forces medical questionnaire

·         Accident or private sickness certificate

·         Health insurance

·         Insurance report (no examination)

·         Insurance examination (including report)

·         Sports-related certificates and forms (no examination)

·         Fitness to travel

·         Cancellation of holiday

·         To Whom It May Concern

·         Childminder health forms

·         Adoption (payable by organisation)

·         Free from infection certificate

·         Vaccination certificate

·         Written report (without examination)










£50.00 – £115.00






Photograph verification

Currently stood down due to GP recruitment problems and lack of appointment availability.

Occupational Medical examinations

Currently stood down due to GP recruitment problems and lack of appointment availability.


·         Firearms (certificate only)

·         Complex letters requiring extracts from medical records etc.



£70.00 – £100.00

 There are some other non-NHS services that will require payment. If you require a service not detailed on this statement, please enquire at reception.

 * At the time of writing (June 2023), Fees for driver licensing are currently under review as they were last agreed in 2004.


Date published: 27th March, 2024
Date last updated: 1st April, 2024